Here are some of the places that my photographic work has taken me in the past:

Objets Trouvees

Digital Arts


Here are some of my photography efforts:

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About my work:

I am passionate about the lives that share our world and the exquisite organism that is the earth itself. At the end of my day, the most enduring thing I will leave behind is the evolving world into which I was born. Documenting the greater art that I now live within has become something of a raison d’etre.

I have been fortunate to find opportunities for doing this work on two continents in the northern hemisphere. Using digital arts, a habit of continuous learning, and training in classical and contemporary writing, drawing, photography, music and videography, I have been developing my “Celtic eye”, and applying that lens to the world around me.

The mystical and mythologically expressed connection between humans, community and the earth is illustrated in my literary and visual work, encouraging explorations of nature, people, and spiritual growth. Collaging photography, music, original poetry, and prose to express scenes from world myths and legends, I create immersive experiences for my audience.

I have been strongly influenced by Ansel Adams, the late Galen Rowell, Jerry Uelsmann and Franz Lanting, all photographers who make a lifelong habit of learning and growing. Literary influences include the classical poets, Stephen Fry, and Margaret Atwood. In the world of film, James Cameron and Peter Jackson have inspired me to constantly grow and stretch the boundaries of my storytelling skills.

My video and poetic work explores the relationships between people, myth, legend and the landscapes that storytellers live within.