Resilient.  Creative.   Curious.

A life-long learner.

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Loves animals, people and new technology.

REALLY loves teaming up to solve complex problems.

A Note from Leah:

Since the mid-nineties, my photographic and poetic work has been aimed at documenting the fascinating world around me.  I have been fortunate in finding opportunities to document the life and activity of ordinary Canada, whether in the midst of a megatropolis like the greater Toronto area or in the boreal regions of northern Ontario and coastal wetlands of British Columbia.

Since arriving in British Columbia in late 2013, I have enjoyed a tremendous growth in my creative energy and corresponding improvement in the use of a variety of new tools. Most of my current work encompasses my triple loves: visuals, words, and music.

I have been strongly influenced by Ansel Adams, the late Galen Rowell, Jerry Uelsmann and Franz Lanting, all photographers who have made a lifelong habit of learning and growing.

Please have a leisurely look around, and enjoy your visit to my web site!


Scan Leah’s Checkered Past
Career Synopsis:

My arts career began with photography in the early 1970’s when my family moved to Europe.   In the 1990’s I began to move to digital arts with the advent of digital photography, and used my skills in web development and commercial graphic arts projects (logos, merchandising graphics, marketing materials) from the late ‘90’s until around 2006, when I became active with the Brighton Arts Council in Ontario, Canada. I have written poetry, short stories, essays, articles and technical documents for publication throughout.


Honours Certificate in Photo Imaging 2005       Humber College

Honours Certificate in Internet E-Commerce Development and Design 2005     Humber College

Diploma in Systems Analysis and Design 1991     Institute for Computer Studies, North York

[Detail list of career development courses in technology management available on request.]


Volunteer Positions Listing:

2018—2021 Vice President, ArtsCan Resource Network.

2016—2017 Technical Team Lead, ArtsCan Resource Network. Lead the technical team to identify and document requirements for ArtsCan Resource Network’s databases, applications, and web site in order to help the organization fulfill its mandate.

2015-2016 Vice President, Langley Arts Council.

2014-2015 Secretary of the Board, Langley Arts Council. All regular duties of the Secretary of the Board plus Technical Coordinator and Liaison for their web site, social media, and computing infrastructure.

2009-2010 Grants Assistance, Brighton Arts Council – support grant preparation and submission by hired intern.  Presenting projects and plans to members at monthly member meetings. Active participant in annual October is Arts Month, Pirate Invasion Festivals, Applefest Gallery.  BAC member from 2007 to 2013.

2005-2007 Rural Ramble Farm Tour – Organizing Committee Member  and later, Tour Coordinator and Webmaster.  Assisting with logistics and media coordination during 2005-2006;  Coordinate member farms and resources to present annual tour in 2007.



Arts Exhibits and Activities:

Genre Title of Artworks Publisher/Venue Date
Photography Water Dragon  Just Water, ACS  Apr – May 2017
   Solsticia et Aequinoctii  LAC Incognito Nov 2015
  Myths & Legends Video  White Rock Museum Jan – Mar 2015
  Winter in the Rain Forest  Pelican Rouge, White Rock BC Jun – Aug 2014
  Works of Man/Nature Brighton Arts Council Art in the Park July 2007
  Ghosts of Agriculture Journey Through the Arts, Port Hope Ontario November 2007
  Nature, Women, Works Joint Exhibit with Elizabeth Roberts Canada Day Weekend 2008
  Pirate Invasion Photo Booth Brighton Arts Council Street Festival July 2008
  Northumberland Flora & Fauna Gallery in the Gardens, Campbellford Ontario June 2009
  Park Photographer – providing workshops on Nature Photography Presqu’ile Provincial Park, Brighton Ontario 2008-2010
  Workshops & Exhibit for October is Arts Month Brighton Arts Council The Gates Gallery October 2010
  Workshops & Exhibit for October is Arts Month Brighton Arts Council The Gates Gallery October 2011
Digital Photo-Imagery Cascadia Surrey Arts Council, Surrey Art Gallery, Bear Creek Park, BC August – November 2014
  White Rock Library Master Artists Program 2 day Artist-in-Residence Program at the Library with lectures on Digital Arts for school classes and interested members of the public; Delivery of half day workshop on Digitizing Your Art February 9-10, 2015;June 3-4, 2015;

July 22-23, 2015;



February 11, 2015



Publication Credits

Genre Title of Article Publisher/Location Date
Short Fiction Wings Above the Crowds Inedita, Durham Write-On June 1993
  Works of Man/Nature lichen 2002, 2004
  Vegetative States Hill Spirits Anthology June 2012


Poetry No Social Butterfly Long-listed for Ontario Writer’s Conference, 2017 January 2017
  Winter in the Rain Forest DVD/Chapbook & Photo Exhibit November 2014
  Shield Memories Chapbook Coutts Distributing Summer 2009
  The Night Cat Inedita, Durham Write-On Sept 95
  Defend and Protect Inedita Durham Write-On Sept 95
  Hell’s Kitchen Perceptions, Iliad Press Hardcover June 94
  My Father’s Hands After the Storm Cader Press Hardcover Sept 94
Freelance Journalism Women & Technology Column, Business & Professional Woman Magazine Leah Murray Systems Consulting Sept 92 – Feb 94
  Entertainment Beat Column Contact Newspaper, CFB Trenton Department of National Defense Sept 79 – June 82
Business & Technical Writing Infrastructures Network Information Database Online Apotex Worldwide Intranet March 98
  Systems Quality Assurance Policy Draft Apotex Inc Feb 96
  Assorted Explanatory & Instructional Documents on IEEE Standards Apotex Inc May 96
  Assorted systems documentation for non-technical managers and users Leah Murray Systems Consulting Apr 92
  Assorted Systems Design documents for non-technical clients Leah Murray Systems Consulting Apr 92
  DND Instructional Packages on CorelDraw, WordPerfect, dBase DND 2 Intelligence Coy Jan 95  – Jan 97
  Introduction to the Internet/Netscape for Intelligence Operatives DND 2 Intelligence Coy Oct 95
  Military Equipment Recognition Training Packages DND 2 Intelligence Coy Jan 95 – Jan 97
  On Job Training Packages on HyperWriter Hypertext Authoring Tool Leah Murray Systems Consulting Feb Apr 92
  End-user documentation of dBase III Plus payroll application DND  Land Forces Central Area HQ, Toronto Jun Aug 89
  End-user documentation of Clipper S87 payroll application DND Land Forces Central Area HQ, Toronto May Sept 90