Easy Basic WordPress Website Maintenance

Got a website that needs a back-end techie to help with the maintenance?  Plug-ins get out of date, new ones conflict with old ones, and sometimes, WordPress itself issues updates that knock things out of whack.  What’s your peace of mind and production time worth?

What you get:

  •   Monthly or quarterly checkup for updates to the WordPress platform, theme, and plug-ins
  •   Monthly or quarterly backup of your site in case it ever has to be recovered
  •   Broken links check
  •   Bi-annual cache clearing to avoid crashes or costs for over-filled storage from your hosting service
  •   10% discount on any larger cost tech support items should the need arise
  •   Simple scan and test for items/methods to modify, with suggested planning and budgeting notes
  •   Recommendations for changes to lighten your workload and boost your marketing, also with plan and budget notes.

Price tag: (Payable in advance)

   $35.00  Cdn + GST billed monthly – after the first 4 months you can go on a month-to-month renewal option.

   OR pre-pay six months for a 10% discount – ($189.00)   OR   a year in advance for a 10% discount – ($378.00).

When you’ve outgrown us, we’ll be happy to help you find the most suitable maintenance and upgrade team for needed additional functionality or renovations to your home on the web.

Contact us by email (or just fill in the form on our Contact Leah page) to book a complimentary half-hour consultation to find out if this will work for you.