Introductory Photo Safari Classes


Smartphone or digital camera photography safari-style classes run during spring, summer and fall at Sunrises from 7:30am to 8:30am OR at Sunsets from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.

Each class costs $10.00 CDN, prepaid, and you may choose all, some, or one in the series you register for. PLEASE NOTE that you must register for each series separately if you choose to take classes during more than one series. Note also that later classes do build upon previous classes at times, so the sequence of instruction is important when planning your participation.

Safari locations are at Crescent Beach/Blackie Spit, Mud Bay Park, Watershed Park in Delta, Green Timbers Park, or Bear Creek Park based on the preferred locations indicated by the majority of registrants for the series. We will advise you by email of which location has been determined 3-4 days before the safari class series starts, and also of the rally point for classes within the park or area.

The classes are geared toward people from the age of 16 up, and children under 16 must be accompanied by a registered adult participant to ensure their safety and comfort.

These are introductory level classes, and are intended for enthusiast and hobbyist beginners – intermediate and advanced photographers please be aware that the sessions will not be challenging for you in the least, although they may provide you an enjoyable excuse for a walk with your gear!

Safari classes occur in a series of seven lessons, one every other day through the 2 week period.

Please note that the locations will be determined by majority of attendee preferences – we’ll email you the final location during the week before the series.


Safari classes occur in a series of seven lessons, one every other day through the 2 week period.

Watershed Park in North Delta
Mud Bay Park in Surrey
Crescent Beach in Ocean Park
Bear Creek Park in Surrey
Green Timbers Park in Surrey

Please register for the series workshops you'd prefer to attend using the links below, and then return here to hit the "Wrap up my Registration" button at the very bottom of this page afterward:

     Sunrise, August 15-27, 2021 - Registration Page

     Sunset, July 19 - 31, 2021 - Registration Page

-->      Sunset, August 1 - 13, 2021 - Registration Page

     Sunset, Sept 7 - 19, 2021 - Registration Page

Thank you for your interest!