Digital Projects (Consult/Develop)

Lots of small businesses don’t want to do everything themselves – or BY THEMSELVES – so we offer digital project services as well.

If you’ve never had to purchase a pricey piece of software or technical services, the whole prospect might seem a little daunting, but you know that you need to move your digital world ahead in order to keep your business or non-profit in the game long enough to do some good.

And sometimes, you need some help doing the regular techy maintenance on your WordPress website and just don’t have the time or the techy knowledge to handle it efficiently.

We offer some specific digital maintenance and project management, built-for-you, and support as you “do digital for the first time” – options that might ease you into independence, speed you on your way forward or just take some of the spaghetti off of your plate. Projects are quoted AFTER you’ve had a chance to explore the details with us and get a strong grip on exactly what you’ll get and when. Website maintenance can be handled on a reasonably priced monthly contract, or on an as-needed basis. Email us at, or DM us from here to enquire.

Some kinds of projects are:

     Short video projects, planning, production, and editing.

     Photo shoots for product marketing and documentation purposes.

     BASIC photo retouching and restoration for digital and print output.

     Tech Consulting – Hands-on technical project management assistance for artisans, agricultural businesses, and non-profits.

     Zoom Event project management, planning, and technical support.

     Technology product acquisitions – software, cloud-based software services, printer or computer maintenance contracts, negotiations for a better cell phone, etcetera.

To find out more, email us at, or use the form below to book a free 45 minute consultation around the project you’d like to undertake.