During our time at Beecher Place’s Pop Up Gallery, we are delighted to be able to offer a series of five creative workshops.

We’ll launch our six week run of events with one on creativity and the hero’s journey, facilitated by the widely experienced and popular coaching team of Lynne Brisdon (L.I.V.E – Living In Vision Enterprises) and Vanessa Wiebel (Yes, You Can! Coaching).  Then we’ll offer four more  arts practice workshops by the members of the Glow Collective: Leah Murray, Sarah Power, Jenny Lewis and Master Artist Margaret Burns.

Please register for any of the following workshops here!

Lynne Brisdon & Vanessa Wiebel Creative Life: Live and Thrive as an Artist Sunday An exploration of the artist’s journey based on the writings of Joseph Campbell, using his Hero’s Journey as a framework. October 28th, 1pm to 7:30pm $95.00 CDN / Person
Leah Murray Writing the Hygge: semiotics in prose and poetry using ekphrasis as a starting point. A hands-on, learn-by-doing experience where writers can explore the intersections between environment, words and visual art. November 4th 1:30pm to 4:30pm $45.00 CDN / Person
Jenny Lewis Hooked on Art Resin – Day 1 of 2 – Splash of Colour.  Explore how to pour and combine vibrant tinted resins for a one of a kind work of art. November 10th 1:00pm to 5pm $65 CDN / Person plus $30 supplies fee for both days
Sarah Power Hooked on Art Resin – Day 2 of 2 – Lighten Up with Line Art. Create fun doodle art to compliment your vibrant resin layer from Day 1 and finish your piece with a crystal clear second layer of resin for a stunning final product. November 11th 1:00pm to 5pm $65 CDN / Person plus $30 supplies fee for both days.

Please register for any of the above workshops here!