Leah’s photo-imaging explorations have evolved significantly over the years, moving from documentary-style landscape and animal photography toward heavily manipulated digital photo-images, whose purpose is to communicate a particular message, thought or theme.

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Starting from her youthful exploration of European life and terrain and moving through a devoted examination of Canadian landscapes and the lives it has shaped, she learned to develop her raw materials, photo-realistic images, into collages and portraits of more nebulous, less concrete ideas and concepts.


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Her Winter in the Rain Forest project, completed in collaboration with other literary, vocal and musical artists, documents both a season in the coastal wetland forests of British Columbia and progression from the depths of a major clinical depression to the dawn of a more hopeful, energetic state of existence as the depression eases, allowing the victim glimpses of sunlight and the burgeoning life outside the shadows.

Her current work explores the relationship of myth and legend to the landscapes that storytellers live within.


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